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On Sundays, we come together in worship to encounter God as a community and to experience the abundant grace of God through prayer, sacrament, and praise. You're invited to come as you are.

Traditional Worship

8:30 AM Service
This service is on pause due to the fire.
The 8:30 AM service tends to be lighter in attendance, perfect for early risers who feel comfortable in a more intimate setting. Communion is offered the first Sunday of every month.
11 AM Service
The 11 AM service is our largest service and carries lots of energy. Communion is offered the first Sunday of every month.
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A wide view of Mount Olivet's sanctuary on Easter Sunday filled with people
Many children sitting on the floor gathered around a speaker, listening intently

The Way
Modern Worship

Sundays at 11 AM
Fellowship Hall

The Way is an alternative worship experience in Arlington, VA seeking to build community through authentic worship. We allow room for laughter, mistakes, wiggly children, and all the joy and sorrow we brought with us from the week.

Led by Pastor Jeff Goodman, you're invited to “come as you are to worship” and join our amazing band in a more modern, emergent time of worship. You’ll hear music ranging from Hillsong to The Eagles and everything in between.

We enjoy hearing messages from our pastors and often host guest speakers that bring a fresh perspective. Communion is served after the message and all are invited to participate, no matter your faith background.

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Live Stream

11 AM Traditional Worship

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God's Storytellers

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Usually under 15 minutes, sermons from Mount Olivet are a meaningful addition to your routine and can be found wherever you listen to podcasts.