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Racial Equity Team

The Racial Equity Team focuses on racial justice, racial equity, and Mount Olivet's role in systemic racism.


The Racial Equity Team devises plans and strategies to share with the Mount Olivet community and with our neighbors in Arlington and beyond.

Since the formation of this group, we have:

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June 4, 2023

Lilli Vincenz

For the first week of Pride Month we introduce Arlington resident Lilli Vincenz, lesbian activist beginning in the 1960s. She has been a filmmaker, writer, and ultimately plaintiff in a civil rights case whose issues are still being debated today.

Frank Kameny, Lilli Vincenz and Jack Nichols, in the WOOK-TV studio. via jimburroway.com
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Black History of Arlington

Consider walking in the footsteps of our neighbors by visiting a series of sites, memorials, and living testaments to the courage, resilience, and faith of our African American neighbors. There are two tours that seek to capture glimpses into the story of North and South Arlington. We pray they may serve as the first step in the long walk towards racial equity and justice in Arlington.

download north arlington tour bookletdownload south arlington tour booklet

Mount Olivet & Racism

Read a short report by Jim Dake on the history of Mount Olivet and racism within Arlington and the United Methodist Church.

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