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We are rebuilding, reconnecting, and rejoicing!

Rebuild. Reconnect. Rejoice. These are words that I invite you to ponder as you consider your financial contribution to the ministry and mission of Mount Olivet.

The prefix “re” indicates repetition, meaning “back” or “again.” We sometimes long to return, to go back to what was, to experience good memories of past times.

We also plan for a future that we cannot see or predict, planting seeds for trees we may not see mature and flourish.

As we think and dream about how to REBUILD our physical space that was damaged by the fire, I invite us to think not only about the place that Mount Olivet has on Glebe Road but also in our lives.

We seek to be a church that Loves God and Loves People.

For generations, Mount Olivet has been a place of spiritual formation, community engagement, and life-changing relationships.

In our divided, hostile world, we long to be a place of gentleness and peace for people to wrestle with difficult questions of faith and to grow in love of God and one another.

A place where we can RECONNECT. We are a place where children can learn about God, sacred music, caring for creation, and loving our neighbor.

We are a place where people of all ages can engage in profoundly inspiring worship services of different styles, build life-long relationships in small groups, and live out our commitments in service and justice ministries.

Plus our coffee is really good!

We give not for ourselves, not so that we have a worship service that we enjoy, not so that we sing the songs we love, not so that we have a place of connection and service, but ultimately we give so that others may find and experience this as well. So that others can come to know an inclusive faith community. So that others can find a place to mourn and a place to dance with joy. So that others might find strength and nourishment around the Communion Table for the journey of life.

We REJOICE in all that God has done for us and the ways God is leading us forward. We rejoice that we have the opportunity to be a beacon in our community for God’s peace, love and grace as we make disciples for the transformation of the world.

Grace and peace,
Pastor Sara

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Why Do We Give?

We give to Mount Olivet because it is our church home, and it is all the things that home should be — welcoming, comforting, caring, and filled with love, laughter, and friends.

We also give because Mount Olivet has helped us raise children with strong values through the church's words (Sunday school, children's sermons), its deeds (missions, community assistance), and, most importantly, the example of its members who know our children by name and care about them and our community.

Mary Giliberti and Marc Holladay
Because we value the impact Mount Olivet has on our family and community, it is our honor and responsibility to contribute to the church with an annual stewardship pledge.

Ed and Emily Dozier
We give to Mount Olivet because it gives so much to us—spiritually, intellectually, socially, and emotionally. Mount Olivet also gives us many ways, from children’s ministries to the community assistance program, to give back to the world around us.

Martha and David Foster
I give to Mount Olivet because it has given so much to me and my family, because it welcomes EVERYONE, because it has always been a forward looking church that engages the young, and because it supports local projects that help those who are often overlooked.

And , oh yes, it has inspiring music and pastors. At Mount Olivet I always feel God’s love, so anything I give to the church is a small gift in return.

Pat Robbins
I give to Mount Olivet to support the worship services and ministry opportunities that are important to me as I continue on my faith journey. Over the last 30 years, the Mount Olivet community has given me the joy of deep friendships with people of many generations and the opportunity to use and improve my skills to serve Our Lord. I feel blessed to have been invited to visit Mount Olivet in 1993.

Cynthia Nelson
I give because I love our church and our wonderful community of friends. I want to do my part to help sustain us now and strengthen us for the generations to come. We are paying it forward on behalf of ourselves and all the men and women who were Mount Olivet all the years before us. I’m so happy to be part of this.

Lou Phelps
Giving to Mount Olivet is a way for us to contribute meaningfully to something larger than ourselves. Through our financial contributions, in addition to our participation with the youth, the choir, and worship, we are not merely audience members but full partners in the church. We are fortunate that we are in a position to contribute more now than we could when we were younger and thankful that we can help others through the work of our church.

Ellen and Bill Carpenter

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