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As we continue our journey through Lent we turn our attention to reconciliation. The Oxford Dictionary says to be reconciled to another is to have "friendly relations" restored. As we know it, reconciliation can feel to be a human act, between feuding individuals or communities. But the Apostle Paul has another take on reconciliation. In our scripture reading he writes that "God was in Christ reconciling the world to Godself," meaning, that if we truly want to be reconciled to one another, we first recognize that we have been reconciled to God, by God, and not by our own hand. And this flips how we approach reconciliation as individuals and communities.

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A trinity symbol filled with images of people, colors, and signs like "Love Your Neighbor"

We're on a congregation wide journey towards racial justice.

Through worship, studies, and activities we'll be challenging ourselves during Lent to commit to a lifestyle of being anti-racist, courageous Christians who love God and love our neighbor.

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