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Welcome to worship. The United Methodist Church realizes and affirms the responsibility of every United Methodist to care for God’s creation. We are called to participate in the redemption of individuals and all of humanity and the healing of the Creation itself. Therefore, ministries encouraging care for God’s creation are significant in our mission as United Methodists. The VirginiaAnnual Conference began a Green Church Initiative Program in 2009. MountOlivet was one of the first Green Churches in the Conference. As part of theInitiative, Green Churches are urged to celebrate Caring For God's Creation in worship at least once a year.

Closed Captioning

If you need closed captioning while you're worshipping live on Sunday mornings, consider viewing the service through our Facebook page. Facebook provides live closed captioning which isn't available on YouTube or here on our website. You can find every Facebook livestream here: facebook.com/MountOlivetUnitedMethodistChurch/live_videos

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