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Caretakers of God's Creation

Environmental Care & Conservation


It’s easy being green! The Caretakers of God’s Creation can show you how.

The care and conservation of God’s Creation are part of our responsibilities as Christians.

Through environmental stewardship, we help Mount Olivet and our congregation to act in an environmentally conscious manner in: Worship, Service, Mission and Church Activities.

This group is for you if you want to participate in:

- Finding ways we can help protect the environment
- Understanding the place of environmental stewardship in our faith
- Getting involved with an exciting ministry
As one of the churches in the Virginia Conference’s Green Church Initiative, we’ll be exploring ways to improve our impact on the environment as a church, as individuals, and as a community.

Caretakers of God’s Creation is a ministry team that is dedicated to Mount Olivet’s witness to Creation Care Stewardship. The team conducts the annual survey of Mount Olivet’s actions to Care for God’s Creation that is required by our participation in the Virginia Annual Conference Green Church Initiative. The ministry team also seeks to provide ministry resources to other teams and committees as well as environmentally friendly resources to the broader Mount Olivet community.

Activities & Events

Adopting a Stream
We are currently in the process of adopting a section of Lubber Run near the Arlington Hospice. Lubber Run is Mount Olivet’s local watershed, so what we do on church property directly affects the stream’s health. We will help keep the stream healthy by cleaning up trash and removing invasive plants. Every year for Change the World Sunday, we schedule stream clean ups at Lubber Run and two other streams in Arlington. We generally schedule a clean up of Lubber Run in the fall, too. We pull invasive weeds like English Ivy, so wear gloves and long sleeves.

Experiencing Spirituality in Nature
We encourage the Mount Olivet community to get outside and experience the link between spirituality and nature. We hope you will participate in “Exploring Sacred Place: Coming Home to Nature in Our Own Backyard,” hosted by Beth Norcross from the Center for Spirituality in Nature. The sessions are held quarterly at Turkey Run Park and other parks in the area. Learn more about this wonderful program and sign up through the center’s website.

Guest Speakers
We regularly invite guest speakers to talk to the Mount Olivet community about conservation issues. Our last speaker was Bob Benson from the EPA who spoke on the impact of plastics in inland and ocean waters. We also sponsor Rev. Pat Watkins, the first United Methodist Missionary assigned to Care for God’s Creation.

Equal Exchange Coffee
Once a month, we sell a selection of Equal Exchange coffees, chocolates, and teas in the Church’s Gathering Space. Equal Exchange products are organic and fairly traded, ensuring that workers on the small farm cooperatives earn a decent wage for their work. United Methodist Committee on Relief receives 15c on every pound of coffee we buy for its sustainable agriculture program. All additional profits from sales at Mount Olivet go directly to Youth Missions. You can learn more about Equal Exchange on their website.

Bike to Church Sunday
Each year we promote biking, walking, and using public transportation to get to church. We encourage you to use environmentally friendly ways to get to church every Sunday. For your convenience, Mount Olivet provides a bike rack across the road from the church entrance on 16th St. N.

Reducing Environmental Impact
Mount Olivet is working toward becoming an Energy Star certified building. By using energy more efficiently, we are reducing our Church’s impact on the environment and saving the church money. We also have recycling bins placed throughout the church and we encourage everyone to recycle both at Mount Olivet and at home. Additionally, by coordinating with the activities of the Trustees Committee, we are helping to assure that our landscaping and grounds management reflect good environmental practices.

Becoming a Green Church
Mount Olivet is proud to be a certified “Green Church.” We are the second Green Church in Virginia and the first in Arlington. Our current activities help us to remain a Green Church and we are always seeking to improve our relationship with the environment. To learn more about the Green Church Initiative, see the Virginia Conference website.

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