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Healing and Sympathy

  • For Chris Riedel, father of Sam Riedel, as he recovers from knee replacement surgery.
  • For the family and friends of Jim Houston, who died on May 12. Jim was the husband of Kelly George’s mother.
  • For the family and friends of Bishop C.P. Minnick, former pastor of Mount Olivet, who died on May 4.
  • For Natassa Hutagaol and her family, as they grieve the passing of her mother, Bintang Tambunan. Natassa is a friend of Intan Parada.
  • For Mara Tiboni, who tore her ACL and will have surgery on May 21.

For those battling cancer and long-term illness:

Heather Weir, Cathy Young, David Gantz,  Cristina Gomez James, David Rohrer, David Hammerly, Karen Watkins, Deirdre, Blanche Blumenfield, Peter Picciano, Pat, Mindy, Elizabeth Carnahan, Fran, Tim Thies, Cynthia Nelson, Miriam Diehl-Weinberg, Phyllis Vail, Cris Breece, Jana, Kent, Joey, Raul Florez.

Prayers for the World

  • For researchers at Oregon State University whose research has identified the fastest rates of past natural CO2 rise ever observed, and the rate occurring today, largely driven by human emissions, is 10 times higher. 
  • For drivers of aid trucks who were attacked by Israeli settlers as they left the West Bank to deliver food aid to Gaza.  
  • For the people of Southern Brazil facing huge floods. Just in the area around Porto Alegre, where four rivers converge to form the Guaiba River, researchers estimate nearly 1,500 square miles were flooded. With hundreds of thousands of families fleeing the floods, the disaster - which has killed at least 147 people, with 127 still missing - could touch off one of Brazil's biggest cases of climate migration.
  • For First Baptist Church of Alexandria (2932King Street) which faces expulsion from the Southern Baptist denomination because of its female pastors. The Southern Baptist Convention only allows men to occupy the office of pastor/elder/overseer, but Rev. Kim Eskridge has held the position of pastor at the church in Alexandria for nearly 20 years. Historically, Baptist churches have been able to hire female pastors, but the Southern Baptist Convention is voting on whether to adopt a Constitutional Amendment that requires churches in the denomination to only allow male pastors.
  • For peace in Ukraine and Israel.

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