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Healing and Sympathy

  • For Salachi’s son, Kyle who has severe addiction and is in jail with an upcoming court date. Prayers for him to be free from addiction and for a new start.
  • For Tyler, whose autism and depression has him bound inside his home, afraid to leave or make friends.
  • For Mitko Nechev, father of preschool teacher Maya Zhalova-Kanwar, who is in the hospital with health complications. He lives in Bulgaria, so Maya is only able to connect with him via phone.
  • For Sue Culkin, friend of Helen Mavroidis, who is under hospice care.
  • For Alison Jones and Michelle Capozzoli and their family, as they grieve the death of their father, Mike Sheble.
  • For Leigh Ann Finley and her father Jerry Karpinski, as they mourn the passing of Leigh Ann’s mother, Joanne Karpinski.
  • For Randy, as he deals with acute pancreatitis that developed while he is in Europe. Cindy Huber is friends with Randy’s wife, Cindy.
  • For Minnietom Meyer, friend of Shirley Beck, who is seriously ill with multiple myeloma.
  • For the safe delivery and birth of Rachel & Michael Lewan’s little boy, due by October 5.
  • For Hope Schutte, as she recovers from hip replacement surgery.

For those battling cancer and long-term illness:

  • Heather Weir
  • Cathy Young
  • Linda Jamison
  • Patricia Segall
  • Kevin Smith
  • Stoney Wolford
  • David Gantz
  • Kathy D.
  • Pat Boris
  • John F.
  • Cristina Gomez

Prayers for the World

  • For the people of Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland who are recovering from the worst hurricane damage that these Maritime Provinces of Canada have ever experienced. 
  • For the people of Cuba, where Hurricane Ian first hit this week as they recover from the strong storm and for the people of western and central Florida where Hurricane Ian hit on Wednesday and Thursday.
  • For the families of at least 17 people killed in a school shooting this week in Izhevsk, Russia. We pray for the 24 people injured in the shooting. 
  • For the Greenback cutthroat trout, the state fish of Colorado, which have naturally reproduced in their native waters for the first time since an intensive stocking program, designed to bring the species back from near extinction, began six years ago.
  • For black farmers which may finally receive payments that partially recertify decades of anti-black lending bias by the USDA.

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