Parking Lot Study

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A conceptual drawing of the possible development on Mount Olivet's parking lot.


In 2017, Mount Olivet worked with church consultant, Paul Nixon, to create a strategic plan.

One of the recommendations of that plan was to develop the church's parking lot property in a way that would provide space for expanding the ministry and mission of Mount Olivet and, also fill many of the needs of our community. For the past few years, a task force has been meeting to explore this recommendation.  

The task force interviewed and chose an architect, Michael Foster, with experience developing projects like this in our area. Michael Foster has met with the task force, Arlington County and leaders in the community to assess potential uses for the property.

Michael and his team have developed a conceptual plan for a multi-use project that expands Mount Olivet space, supports many of the needs of our community, retains parking for Mount Olivet and is financially viable without requiring a capital campaign on the part of Mount Olivet.

About the Architect, MTFA

To help guide Mount Olivet through this initial visioning process for developing the parking lot, we have contracted the services of MTFA Architecture. MTFA’s legacy is rooted in cultural preservation and sustainable design. They embrace a building’s history and environmental context while reconciling the needs of our changing world through resilient innovation and sculptural expression. MTFA’s broad experience across religious, education, commercial, government and preservation will help guide Mount Olivet on our journey to answer - “What is Mount Olivet NOT doing that God is calling us to do?”


Report: Sept. 30, 2022
Report: June 27, 2022
Update: May 27, 2022
Video Town Hall: Thursday, May 5, 2022
Video Town Hall: Sunday, March 20, 2022

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