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Children's Music

Kindergarten - Grade 5
5 - 6 PM
Rooms L8 and L9
Develop your child's leadership skills and nurture their musical growth in a fun, supportive environment. Families of all faiths are welcome to participate! There is no cost to join the group.
Group Leader:
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Upcoming Dates

October 1 | Traditional Worship

October 8 | The Way

November 5 | Traditional Worship

November 12 | The Way

December 10 | Traditional Worship (Lessons & Carols)

Tentative: December 24


Welcome to our Children's Music program, where children get to experience the joy of singing, playing musical games, and learning about rhythm and melody! This program is designed for children of all backgrounds and faiths, and we welcome anyone who loves to sing and play music.


Led by our Music Director, Dr. Bryan Holten, this program provides a safe and supportive space where children can explore their musical talents and express themselves through music.

We strive to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for all children, regardless of their background or faith. So if your child loves to sing and play music, we invite you to join us and become part of our musical community!

Groups & Registration

Children are divided into age groups: Kindergarten through Grade 2 is led by Mrs. Cindy Newcomb, and Grades 3-5 are led by Dr. Bryan Holten.


Wednesday afternoon classes are more than a rehearsal. We include musical games and activities that teach children about rhythm, melody, and musical notation. These skills lay a foundation for a lifetime of musical enjoyment—but the learning doesn't stop there. Musical training correlates with a host of social and cognitive benefits that transfer to other skill areas. 


Of course, no program is complete without snacks! We make sure to include snack time in our schedule, providing a chance for children to refuel and socialize with their peers.

In Worship

The Children's Choir sings on select Sunday mornings, about once per month throughout the school year. This act of worship incorporates a variety of musical styles and provides an opportunity for children to present their work to their families and friends.

Volunteer Training

If you're an adult volunteer looking to complete the Child Protection Policy training, click here.



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Dr. Bryan Holten

Minister of Music & Organist

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