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Rev. Teer Hardy

Teer Hardy was born and raised in Maryland. Teer has a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from West Virginia Wesleyan College and Masters of Theology from Wesley Theological Seminary, where he is currently also finishing his Masters of Divinity. Teer is interested in meeting God where the divine intersects with our everyday life, whether that is in a coffee shop, pub, or park trail. Married to his high school sweetheart (although they didn’t meet until college), Teer and his wife Allison are the proud parents of two beautiful children, Camden and Nora. If you were wondering, yes, Camden is named after a baseball stadium. Teer also is the co-founder and host of the Crackers & Grape Juice podcast. He also maintains a blog where he engages theological concepts with the practicality of everyday living. You can read it at www.teerhardy.com.