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Keyboard and Choral Scholar


Position Basics
Reports to Minister of Music.

Part-time at ca. 8-10 hours per week (composed of 6 hours onsite plus 2-4 hours offsite), September through May only.

This is a salaried position exempt from FLSA overtime pay.

Each nine-month program year, up to four rehearsals and four worship services may be missed.

Job Summary
The Choral and Keyboard Scholar supports the music ministry by singing with the adult choir and playing piano for the youth choir. Occasionally accompanies the children’s choir and adult choir and provides keyboard music for worship. Collaborates with volunteer and professional musicians.

Essential Functions
Attends all adult choir rehearsals, worship services, and youth choir rehearsals from September through May (except for vacation and other excused absences).

Notifies the Minister of Music of any anticipated absence as soon such conflict is known.

Provides reliable musical leadership in at least one section of the adult choir, possibly splitting time between two or more sections according to the individual’s voice type.

Accompanies the youth choir in weekly rehearsals (Sunday mornings) and in occasional appearances in worship.

Accompanies the adult choir and children’s choir as mutually agreed and as neededIndependently prepares any music related to these functions.

Nurtures a healthy culture of choral singing at Mount Olivet through positive engagement with volunteer musicians of all ages.

Coordinates with the Director of Music in the selection of any keyboard music for worship.

Provides title, composer, and other relevant data for church bulletins.

Core Competencies
Interpersonal Skills.

Establishes good working relationships with staff and volunteers; embraces volunteers as essential contributors.

Easy to work with, encouraging, approachable.

Time Management. Uses time effectively and efficiently; arrives on time or early to all scheduled engagements with music professionals and volunteers; aligns use of time with appropriate priorities.

Team Orientation. Respects and supports the musical authority of the Director of Music; sets an appropriate tone for staff-volunteer relations; offers ideas and solutions for the benefit of others. Is comfortable sharing credit for team outcomes.Integrity and

Trust. Is widely trusted; is seen as direct and honest; admits mistakes; doesn’t misrepresent him/herself for personal gain; responds to challenges with constancy and reliability.

Initiative. Must be comfortable working independently, defining goals, and adhering to self-directed work schedules with minimal supervision.

Self-Development. Sets appropriate personal work objectives (consistent with academic studies, if applicable), measures own progress, and identifies personal gaps in knowledge, understanding, and skill; undertakes activities to develop needed skills; seeks regular feedback on performance.

Mission Ownership. Demonstrates understanding and full support of the mission and values of the congregation; can demonstrate those values to others; behaves in a manner congruent with these values.

Minimum Qualifications
Ability to read keyboard and choral scores fluently and accurately.

Ability to prepare musical selections to an adequate standard of performance within the time allotted.

Ability to sing accurately with good tone and choral blend.

Physical Requirements
Must be able to sit in place with minimal movement for up to ninety minutes.

Must possess sufficient balance and stability to remain seated at a piano or organ for up to one hour.

How to Apply

Please send a cover letter and résumé to Dr. Bryan Holten, Minister of Music and Organist, at

Applications will be processed as they are received until the position is filled.

Full consideration will be given to applications received by September 6, 2022.