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Advent Offering

Make a difference for those in need with a generous donation to the Mount Olivet Advent Offering. Three recipients have been selected whose missions provide assistance to people in need.

This week, we feature United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR). During natural disasters, such as hurricanes and floods, UMCOR deploys flood buckets to vulnerable people affected by storms. UMCOR is working to replace the buckets used in 2022 due to Hurricane Ian and other disasters - and its supply of flood buckets is low. Flood buckets offer critical support to families in crisis – providing them with basic cleaning supplies to begin to muck out their houses and stop the spread of mold.

This year, the Virginia Conference has collected 3,724 buckets. The Mission’s goal is to complete more than 4,677 buckets in total – to prepare for next year’s disasters. The UMCOR headquarters in Atlanta has expressed deep appreciation for the amazing success our region has had thus far in funding the buckets - and is deeply grateful for the commitment to helping people improve their lives after a disaster.


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